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Covid-19 IgG Blood Testing 

£140 each (Covid-19 IgG test)

We offer Covid-19 testing to determine whether you have had the disease by looking for the IgG antibody. Most importantly, blood testing is most accurate if carried out no less than two weeks following the onset of covid symptoms. Testing involves taking a small blood sample from the arm which is sent to our laboratory and is analysed using a laboratory based approved test (Abbott). Please note that this is not an instant test as there are still no accurate instant tests yet available. The result of the test will be emailed to you and is normally back with us inside 24 hours. The cost of the test is £140.

The accuracy of the test is described as 97.5% for Sensitivity and 100% for Specificity. The UK Government has approved two tests only, Abbott and Roche. The laboratory which processes our (and therefore your) sample uses the Abbott test.

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COVID-19 PCR Swab Tests

72 hours results service for travel and medical purposes

£205 each 

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What is included:

PCR Throat and Nose Swab  performed by our Health Care Professionals at our Surgery

Results within 72 hours

Certificate showing your COVID status at time of test

Lab Report for your records

Do you need a certificate before travel to verify your current Covid status? Or perhaps you are filling in a Visa application form and you need a Covid swab test result and certificate? We offer Covid-19 swab testing to determine whether you have the disease NOW by looking for the virus collected on a swab.  Testing involves taking a throat and nose swab by one of our Doctors or Health Care Assistants.

In order to provide a certificate for travel/visa purposes you must provide valid ID at the time of test for each certificate.

Please note that this is not an instant test.

To be absolutely clear, if you wish to have testing in surgery then you must be asymptomatic.

Sample Covid Certificate

Sample Covid Lab Report

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Covid-19 Tests

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