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You may be coming to us because you prefer quality private personal service; you may be seeking a second opinion or you may just be visiting the area and need to see a doctor.  We are delighted to welcome everybody to our practice and do not make a charge to register with us – we like to keep it simple.

Regular GP consultations are the backbone of who we are: we work hard to ensure that we can see you on time, and at a time that’s convenient for you.  We have a smart waiting room where our doctor will meet you and take you through to our comfortable surgery.  If this is your first visit, we will check that we have all the correct data for you on our database and then we will listen to your concerns.  We allow plenty of time to take a full history, so please relax and do tell us everything that’s troubling you.  We are quite old-fashioned in some ways – we always take a full history and routinely examine you; however we are modern in other ways and try to minimise the use of paper and take full advantage of the new age of electronic communications to save time, energy and trees!  As you would expect, we have all the resources and equipment needed to examine you and make sure you receive the best service.  Our doctors can all do blood tests on the spot (adults only) if needed and we usually have the results back within 24hrs.

If you would like or need a referral to a specialist at the end of your consultation then this is organised for you.  Our doctors, who are all experienced and have worked in the Surrey area for a combined total of almost twenty years and counting, have a deep working knowledge of the database of local specialists who are on hand.  We can refer you privately or via the NHS to a specialist consultant and we will write you a referral letter which we send over to the consultant’s secretary.  All you then need to do is to make a convenient appointment with the specialist.

Our lady doctors are in clinic every day and are able to offer sympathetic, knowledgeable and professional help particularly to ladies who wish to talk to someone about any female health issues. We are experts in cervical screening too; so don’t worry or feel embarrassed, Doctor Rachel and Doctor Jo will make you feel totally relaxed.

Normally, the doctor is able to deal with all your concerns there and then.  If needed, you will be offered a private prescription which you can have dispensed at any chemist or we can give you medicines from our surgery as we carry most of the frequently used drugs/creams; again, we keep it simple as we understand that a one stop shop is very convenient for our busy patients – whether this is work or school pick-ups!

Sometimes the doctor would like to review your symptoms after a week or so and will ask you to make another appointment or to telephone in with an update for our records – Louise is on hand to do this and to help find you another convenient slot at the end of your appointment.

You may have had some tests sent to the lab; in this case we will email you the results at the same time as speaking to you about them.

As a private doctor service we are able to offer you the widest choice of healthcare services unrestricted by NHS policies. We are a listening, friendly service. Please be fully reassured that your consultation is completely confidential.

If you wish, but only at your request, we can write to your NHS GP with a summary of your consultation.

If you have special contact instructions then we can make a note on our system to ensure that we comply with your wishes.

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